What are Back links?

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How to increase Traffic to our website? or What are Backlinks? How Do I increase my Back links is a major problem faced by all seo analysts or SEO beginners. The Best SEO Company in Pune Skymo Digiworld has also started Digital Marketing Training in Pune for beginners to Learn and work on Live project for increasing Back links or Develop their skills in Digital Marketing.

To increase traffic on your website you need to give our website's link or link of the landing page where you want the traffic to land. But those websites must have a good PR (Page Rank). When we place a link on some other Domains, which have page ranks more than 5, spiders get to know the importance of your website by analyzing the number of clicks on those links or pointing towards your website. This is What Back links are and they help us in increasing our traffic and rank. The more number of Back links the more traffic and the higher you rank.

As you have understood what Back links are, now your Question would be how and where to search these types of website. Well the answer to this question by the best seo company in Pune is below:

  • social media websites,
  • groups,
  • Social bookmarking sites,
  • Directory Submissions,
  • Forum Posting,
  • Article Posting,
  • Blog Posting,
  • Commenting,
  • Question and Answer Posting.
  • Info-graphics Submission
  • Image submission
  • Video Submission

As you have got the list, type on Google Search for the list of Social media, articles and forums etc websites and begin with your postings.
Well now you must be wondering after finding out the list how to add up your links on social media and other websites?
SEO Company in Pune practices baclinks to its website by adding a small brief article on the social Media Websites and giving the links of your website or creating a brief info-graphics about your selected topic and posting it on social media, Info-grpahics websites and image posting websites and linking it to your website. This helps you in getting a high Page Rank (PR) inbound links. As you know that Inboud links are those links that come from various Domains to your website and Outbound links are those that point others websites on your website. Your social media links are also counted as outbound links, always make sure that whenever you include any outbound link on your website add 'nofollow' attribute to them.

For Forums you can join groups like seo, digital marketing and social media groups and then can post your queries and answer someone else's doubts and increase the number of threads or comments. But make sure when you join a Forum group do not post your websites links immediately after joining as they will consider you as spam and block your membership. For you to be able to post your link on the forums SEO Training Company in Pune Skymo Digiworld suggests you to make your groups and contacts strong enough by commenting and increasing the threads. Once your profile is strong you can then start posting your links and get High PR links. Forums help you to increase your ranks magnificently. To know more about how to generate backlink through forums click here

Also remember the Free or Organic Back links or inbound links helps your website to rank better rather than the paid ones. The Digital marketing Classes in Pune Skymo Digiworld teaches you the Back links strategies to increase your ranking, traffic and inbound links, to know more Contact us or email us.

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